Welcome to the Philips APAC Learning Academy, the educational arm of Philips in APAC, where we recognize the pivotal role of training and education in the digital transformation of healthcare. Our mission is to equip healthcare professionals with the essential skills to enhance patient outcomes, optimize workflows, and achieve clinical excellence.

The Future Health Index 2023 APAC data shows almost 40% of healthcare leaders are investing more in staff training to improve care delivery and patient outcomes1. In response, our APAC Learning Academy is committed to delivering high-quality education services tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals.

Our comprehensive range of hands-on and content-rich training programs is designed to foster a digitally skilled and knowledgeable healthcare workforce. The academy offers a physical training space in Singapore and a convenient one-stop eCommerce platform catering to both individuals and organizations.

We provide diverse education services covering clinical, technical, operational, and professional domains. Healthcare professionals will benefit from a flexible learning curriculum through online courses, face-to-face training, or a blended approach. Our platform allows access to educational resources from anywhere and at any time.

Through our extensive global and regional network of partnerships with hospitals, healthcare professionals can partake in peer-to-peer training courses and hands-on workshops led by esteemed regional and international experts.

At APAC Learning Academy, we are dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of healthcare professionals. We firmly believe that continuous education is the key to driving innovation and advancing patient care. Join us on this transformative journey towards excellence in healthcare.

[1] Future Health Index underlines importance of technology - News | Philips