15 Feb 2024

CMEx-Philips POC Cardiac Ultrasound Course 2024

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Key Learning Points:

  • Correctly acquire standard echo views with confidence
  • Correctly interpret normal cardiac structures and common pathologies
  • Diagnose common emergent cardiac conditions via ultrasound
  • Integrate POCUS findings for clinical decision making and therapeutics

Course Size: Max 20 participants

Travel Plans:

If you are making travel plans for this training event, below are some hotels near CMEx Learning Center for your consideration: 

Nimman area  

U Nimman Hotel
Kantary Hill Hotel
Akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel
Stay with Nimman Hotel
Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel

Phra-Singh temple area

99 The Heritage Hotel
99 The Gallery Hotel
De Lanna Hotel
Wannamas Chiangmai Boutique House
Le Naview@Prasingh
Namton Botique Hotel
Phra Singh Village




Day 1

  • POCUS Examination
  • Assessment of ventricular function
  • Case Demonstration/ Image optimization
  • POCCUS in shock and heart failure
  • Hands-on scanning

Day 2

  • POCCUS in chest pain
  • POCCUS in VHD / AF / Stroke
  • Hands-on scanning
  • Practical test and quiz