15 Jun 2024

CT Colonography Course 2024

AUD 2,275.00 AUD 2,275.00
CT Colonography Course 2024
Registration close date : 7 Jun 2024

Are you a Radiologist or Radiographer with an interest in gastrointestinal imaging?

Look no further than our two-day hands-on course, designed specifically for individuals like you.

During the workshop, you can expect a mix of didactic lectures and hands-on sessions that cover the topics required for RANZCR CTC accreditation.

Using Philips IntelliSpace Portal (ISP) advanced visualization software, you'll review a selection of at least 50 verified CTC cases, including normal, medium and large polyps, and pseudo-lesions.

With your personal ISP workstation with full 3D datasets, you'll be able to get hands-on experience and learn from accredited CTC Radiologist expert instructors.

Key Takeaways

  1. Familiarity with the indications and contra-indications to CTC.
  2. Familiarity with types of bowel preparation in order to minimize the volume of residual fluid in the colon. Familiarity with the regimes of “minimal preparation” and faecal tagging.
  3. Awareness of the methods of insufflation of the colon. Current recommendations are for the use of automatic pressure-limited insufflation devices. These require a certain degree of training in their use.
  4. Use of various scanning protocols (low-dose, standard-dose +/- IV contrast) dependant on the clinical indication and age of patient. It is common practice to perform prone scans at low-dose and tailor the supine acquisition according to the findings on the prone scan; this requires rapid assessment by the radiologist “on the go.

Day 1 : Agenda

  • Log into Zoom classroom
  • Introduction and Housekeeping
  • Role of CTC-lndications,Contra-indications and Evidence
  • Bowel Preparation and Distension
  • CT Colonography Interpretat ion
  • Morning tea
  • Workshop cases
  • Lunch
  • Workshop cases
  • Afternoon tea
  • Polyp Types and Sizes
  • Workshop case


Day 2 : Agenda

  • Log into Zoom classroom
  • Pseudo lesions and Pitfalls
  • Computer Assisted Detection(CAD)
  • Workshop cases Morning tea
  • Hands-on Workshop
  • Lunch
  • CRC Screening, and CRADS
  • Afternoon tea
  • Workshop cases

About Speaker
  • Dr Helen Moore
  • Dr. Helen Moore obtained her FRANZCR in 2000, and completed an Advanced Training Position in MRI at Monash Medical Centre (2002). Her main interests are abdominal and pelvic imaging, and she is a Body imaging subspecialist at Auckland City Hospital, and at Auckland Radiology Group where she has been performing CT Colonography since 2003. She has published several papers on CTC and presented lectures on the topic at international meetings and workshops. She served three terms on the executive committee of ARGANZ and is on the RANZCR CTC Accreditation committee. She served on the NZ National Bowel cancer Working group from 2015-2019, and the Northern Regional Bowel Cancer Tumor Stream 2010-2021.

  • Dr Jane Reeve
  • Dr Jane Reeve received her fellowship in 2007. She has worked at Middlemore Hospital, for Queensland X-ray in Brisbane and since 2012, has worked as a Body imaging sub-specialist at Auckland District Health board and for Mercy Radiology, where she specialized in Oncological Imaging and PET CT. She has been reporting CT Colonography since 2012 and heads the CT Colonography service at Auckland District Health board. She has co-authored papers on CT Colonography.

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