Technical Training

Fetal Monitors Family - Biomed

AUD 13,200.00 AUD 12,000.00

This course is conducted either virtually (10 participants maximum) or in-person (6 participants maximum).

During the course the hospital engineer will be provided with knowledge and understanding of the different parameters, application aspects and theory of operation of Foetal Monitors. The hospital engineer will learn how to operate the system, perform PM, change and update the configuration and use SupportTool software.

This course focuses primarily on Avalon FM20/30 and Avalon FM40/50 fetal monitors. Device application principles are learned via hands-on labs and will train the student to verify proper equipment operation.

The Avalon FM20/30 and Avalon FM40/50 use the same SupportTool software (M3086A) as the IntelliVue Patient Monitor series.

About Speaker
  • Paul Groot Obbink
  • Paul is our lead technical training specialist. With a long and extensive career in medical engineering he offers comprehensive trainings that tackle real-world system complications. In Paul’s 20 years with Philips, he has trained biomedical engineers and technicians from all over Australia and New Zealand in patient monitoring systems support. He strives to empower his students to reach their full potential and excel their careers. He ensures that every training is interactive, fresh and catered to the student’s needs.