Technical Training

Intellibridge Enterprise (IBE) System Admin Training - VIRTUAL

AUD 3,696.00 AUD 3,360.00

Agenda Overview

  • Accessing the Rhapsody Management Console
  • Monitoring the system for:
    • Messages in the error queue
    • Detect stopped routes and communication points
    • Restart these routes and communication points
  • Search for patient/order information using Rhapsody Management Console
  • Monitoring and inspecting the Rhapsody Lookup Tables
  • Monitoring the Rhapsody Server status
  • Identifying the Server settings, regarding archived messages, and backup and restore settings
  • Monitoring System logging information
  • Monitoring Audit log information.
  • Monitoring Management Console sessions.
  • Retrieving Message Breakdown statistics
  • Checking (Rhapsody) Engine uptime

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About Speaker
  • Faraz Muhammad
  • Highly regarded integration consultant with more than 20 years experience within this niche IT space. Faraz utilises standard and non-standard interface methodologies in his day-to-day work. He consistently delivers high quality working solutions to meet increasingly complex customer demands. Faraz has implemented over 100 IBE systems across the APAC region. This widespread exposure means Faraz has in-depth knowledge of your system and can provide comprehensive insights to empower your team and enable a superior understanding of your IBE system.