05 May 2024

CT TAVI Course 2024

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CT TAVI Course 2024
Registration close date : 28 Apr 2024

Course Abstract:

This 2-day hands-on course seeks to provide comprehensive training in the use of CT in the pre-TAVR assessment and will cover how to perform the various measurements crucial for TAVI sizing.

The role of CT in cardiac structural work will also be explored, including the use of CT in post TAVR complications; the role of CT in the assessment of Paravalvular leaks and in the assessment of the left atrial appendage for closure devices.

Course size (if applicable): 23 participants maximum


Day 1: Pre-TAVI CT Assessment

  • CT for TAVI – The Role of CT in TAVI Assessment

  • Principles of CT and Data Acquisition/Protocols

  • Reconstruction

  • Fundamentals of annular assessment and clinical relevance

  • Case Review – Hands-On Annular Assessment

    • Annular Diameter Perimeter and Area Measurements

  • Case Review – Hands-On Annular Assessment, More Complex Cases

  • Ancillary Measurements

    • Aortic Valve Calcification Score

    • Coronary Ostia Heights

    • Catheter Angles

    • Ascending Aorta

  • Case Review – Hands-On TAVI Measurements​

  • Summary and Conclusion

Day 2  Pre and post TAVI CT Assessment

    • Case Review - Hands-On Annular Assessment in Bicuspid Valves
    • Case Review - Hands-On Annular Assessment for Valve in Valve
    • Case Review - Hands-On Vascular Assessment
    • Post TAVR findings and complications
    • Case Review – Including TAVI thrombus and annular rupture​​
    • Case Review - Hands-On Full studies
    • Summary & ConclusioN