22 Mar 2023

Spectral CT 7500 Workshop

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Course Agenda

  • Spectral CT 7500 Clinical Updates by Rolf Raaijmakers
  • CT 7500 Spectral Case Sharing at Philips Learning Academy 

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About Speaker
  • Rolf Raaijmakers
  • Clinical Consultant, Philips 

    Rolf Raaijmakers finished his RT training program in 1983 at the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He was the lead tech of the CT unit from 1997 till 2003. Together with Prof. de Feijter and Dr. K. Nieman, Rolf pioneered the world of Cardiac CT with 4, later 16 and 64 slice technology. Since 2003 Rolf supports the CT Clinical Science Team, Philips HealthCare, located in Best, the Netherlands, with Cardio-Vascular & Spectral CT as main focus of interest.

    Rolf is since 2017 acting as global adoption specialist for Spectral CT and delivers countless lectures and hands-on workshops on spectral detector CT worldwide.

    On top of that, he is frequently asked for global sales support.