19 Dec 2023

CT Lunch & Learn Webinar 4: CT Trauma with Advanced Visualization

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In our pursuit for lifelong engagement through clinical education and based on feedback received from previous webinars, we are pleased to share the next topic for our lunch and learn webinars: Trauma CT with Advanced Visualization.

We will deep-dive specifically into Trauma CT showcasing the benefits of combining CT Imaging with Advanced Visualization to provide a professional with the tools needed to increase diagnostic confidence. Guest speaker Associate Professor Dr Craig Hacking, Emergency & Trauma Radiologist, will review trauma procedures and share considerations for setting up a trauma protocol for your organization

Key takeaway/ learning for the attendees of the overall course: 

  1. Trauma CT
  2. Protocol and Preparation
  3. Spectral Maps
  4. Analysis with Advanced Visualization
  5. Product and Clinical demonstrations


1230-1245: Opening and Introduction to Advanced Visualization, 3D Modeling (Tisha)

1245-1255: CT Spectral Imaging (Ruth)

1255-1305: Advanced Visualization demo for CT Acute Multi-Function Review (James)

1305-1335: Trauma CT Protocol and Procedures (Dr Hacking)

1335-1340: Closing

About Speaker
  • Assoc Prof Craig Hacking
  • Assoc Prof Craig Hacking is the Medical Director of Medical Imaging and Lead Emergency Radiologist at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. Craig is a senior editor of Radiopaedia.org and a lead presenter for the successful emergency radiology, medical imaging anatomy and trauma radiology Radiopaedia courses, which are offered free online to 119 developing countries. He is the current Academic Lead for Clinical Radiology at the University of Queensland. Craig was a founding executive committee member for the Australian and New Zealand Emergency Radiology Society (ANZERG) formed in 2015, and a former Lead anatomy examiner and viva examiner for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR).  

  • Ms Ruth Kresina
  • Sr Clinical Support Specialist, CT BU Services & Solutions, APAC, Philips

    Ruth Kresina (Ruth) is our resident Global Clinical Education Specialist, providing support especially for APAC countries. Based in Australia and specializes in the adoption of CT scanning technology and imaging. Registered with the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, she has guided and trained numerous healthcare professionals, spreading her deep passion and clinical knowledge for Computed Tomography to where it is needed most.

     - Advanced Certificate in Diagnostic Radiography South Australian Institute of technology
     - Post Graduate Certificate in Computed Tomography R.M.I.T
     - Certificate of Proficiency in Computed Tomography Level 1 and Level 2 Australian Institute of Radiographers
     - Certificate of proficiency intravenous cannulation

  • Noorlatisha Castillo
  • Philips Clinical Business Marketing Manager for Advanced Visualization

    Noorlatisha Castillo (Tisha) is based in Singapore and represents Philips APAC Clinical Informatics to include Artificial Intelligence through advanced visualization and Disease Management Solutions. Tisha is a registered radiographer with AHPC Singapore and holds credentials with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists for Radiography, CT & MRI. 

  • Mr James Tan
  • James Tan is our Clinical Applications Specialist Team Leader. James possess strong clinical and product knowledge within both CT and IGT realm and has more than 15 years of experience under his belt.

    Graduating from Charles Sturt University with Medical Imaging Degree, he is steadfast in this field and is passionate about new breakthrough technologies and is always sharing his expertise and knowledge in this region.