HPM MX450-MX850 Adult Patient Basics & Management

SGD 354.25 SGD 325.00

Adult Patient Basics

In five modules, learn the basic skills to admit, transfer, and discharge patients from the Philips MX450-MX850 monitoring solutions.

Average Seat Time (Minutes): 30

Modules included in course:

  • Begin Patient Monitoring
  • Patient Admissions
  • Quick Admissions
  • Transfer at the bedside and information center
  • Discharge at the bedside and information center

Adult Patient Management

In four modules, learn how to manage alarms, customize settings, and effectively use the information center.

Average Seat Time (Minutes): 70

Modules included in course:

  • Customize Patient Settings
  • Manage Alarms
  • Viewing patient data at the Information Center
  • Review patient data reports and manage equipment assignment